We had an email from the White Bluff Resort inviting us down for a visit and lunch.   It took a while, but we finally got a visit scheduled and today was the day.

We had a great meal in their Trophy Grill Restaurant.

Fred Molsen, the White Bluff Resort’s General Manager, invited us down and met us in the grill.  The menu said they had “Texas sized meals” and boy did they.  For us old folks, 3 could have eaten from one of their servings.  The Boss had their Quesadillas and I had their Turkey sandwich.  Both were outstanding.  My fries were fresh cut potatoes and they were flavored as in out of this world.  Just really good eating.

The Trophy Grill is about half way to the lake and a little off the main road.  It looks to be primarily for the golfers there.  But, if you have made a trip to the marina and are looking for a good meal on the way home from the lake, its a great deal.  Great food at great prices.

You may want to check out our White Bluff Resort and Marina page under the ramps section.  It has a good description of the marina which is open to the public.  The ramp fee is $10 but it is a top of the line ramp and marina.  If you fish regularly, you might want to consider a slip in the marina.  There are also hotel rooms and camping facilities including RV sites.

I was very impressed.  White Bluff Resort is the premier facility on Whitney Lake.  It is worth the visit.  This is a private resort and you do have to stop at the gate and get an appropriate pass.  Just let them know that you are going down for lunch or dinner or to the marina.

By the way, the marina ramp is currently closed.  With the lake down 16 feet, the ramp is out of the water.  According to Fred, the lake will have to climb back up to the 522 feet level, or about 5 higher than it is now.

This was the ramp today.

We do want to say that Fred was extremely cordial and was a great host.  Our thanks to Fred!

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