We received 4 inches of rain here in Burleson over the weekend.  Every little bit helps.  Based upon the lake level data available from the Texas Water Development Board web site  ( http://wiid.twdb.state.tx.us/ims/resinfo/BushButton/lakeStatus.asp  ) it appears that Whitney has come back up about 3 inches.  A far cry from the 16 feet we still need, but some is better than none I always say.  Unless we get another 4 or 5 feet of water in the lake, I don’t think the ramp status is going to change much.

Cold Weather is here so it means cold weather fishing.  We have had great luck in past winters in the cold weather.  However, the water is down and the locations we used to fish are out of the water now.   The question is whether we will be able to find some new spots where the bass congregate in the winter.  We will be looking for some rip-rap that has afternoon sun.  Our fishing hours will also probably change to the afternoon as well.  Neither us or the fish move very well on these cold mornings.

I did get a report that the stripers on Whitney are active in the upper part of the lake.   The Red Bluff ramp at Steele Creek would give great access to that area.  The report I had said that on this past Saturday, 26 big stripers had been taken by one boat where the Brazos meets the Nolan and on up in the river to the rail road bridge.  Bass Assassins were the lure of choice.

I also want to note that the construction work on the dam appears to be complete.  All the equipment at the west end of the dam in Soldiers Park has been removed and there is no apparent work occurring on the dam itself.

At any rate, I have serviced my boat.  Its full of gas and oil and the batteries are charged.   I am ready to go.  We are just waiting on a day where the wind is down enough to go.