We were not the only folks fishing on Sunday….   The Bud Light Trail held a tournament on Whitney on Sunday as well.

Here is the link to the Bud Light Tournament Waco Spring Division web site if you want to check out all the results and some great pictures.  Just click on the blue URL.


Here are the contents of a couple of emails I received from some folks that had connection to the Whitney Event and commented on our post about fishing Sunday, Feb. 19.

My son fished the Bud Light tourney yesterday. They said people were really catching some nice fish. It took 23 pounds to win it. They had 14 pounds for sixth. Got a check for $300. They caught most of their fish on rattle traps.


        Those were some nice stripers. We were on Whitney yesterday fishing the Bud Light tournament. I think I saw you in Cedron Creek. We were fishing when you were idling out. We had a tough day also. Caught one 12 inch bass and one three pound striper. We fished cranks, worms, spinner baits, and shaky heads. My partner even experimented with the A-Rig without any luck. We fished from 2 to 18 feet in depth from the middle lake all the way down to Big and Little Rocky. The small bass came in about 2-3 feet of water on a crank bait. We had fished the week earlier and caught a few bass but yesterday that water turned 5 degrees colder and muddied up with the recent rain. The week prior when we had luck, we noticed a couple of male bass up shallow cruising in Little Rocky.  I know the big females are in there too, but we never could find or catch any.  I wonder if they suspend below the boat docks in a little deeper water preparing for the spawn??? I wish I knew.

The Bud Light tournament had 50 entries. First place had just shy of 24 lbs with a 6 ¾ lb. big bass. Their other four fish averaged 4 plus pounds. Second was 16 and third was 15. After that it dropped off. Only 22 teams weighed in. That made 28 zeroes. Of course we were one of the zeroes. I’m still trying to guess where some of the better stringers came from. Whitney has been frustrating for me this year.



Sixth place went to Joey Garland and and Bryan Bauer…. and actually, 6th place had 13.25 pounds.

Of note in Mike’s email was the 24 pounds that won… that’s a lot of fish for a tough winter day on Whitney…  but, we have had days like that in the past, but then we knew where the fish were going to be and what they were biting because we were fishing most every day.

Of course, we were with the 28 boats that zeroed on Sunday….  just two stripers for us on crank baits.

We don’t fish tournaments for a couple of reasons.  First, we are not good enough and would just be providing funds for the winners…  second, we are too old to hold up to the rigors of tournament fishing… its more like work.

Here are some questions we have…. Do you think winning these tournaments is really skill or a matter of luck or mathematics… just numbers?  There were 50 boats in the BLT Whitney event.  Twenty-Eight boats caught no fish.  Eight boats had 5 fish.  Two boats had 4 fish.  Five boats had 3 fish.  Three boats had 2 fish and Three boats had 1 fish.   So, you scatter 50 boats on a 23,000 acre lake with two guys in each boat… a little less than half of the boats catch fish.   Six boats had more than 13 lbs….  Is it just the numbers and luck, or is it skill?

Did these guys know where the fish were before hand?  Did they find them on the lake using knowledge of the weather, the moon, the geography, and water conditions?   Or, did they just luck into some fish and catch them?  Did these guys catch more than 5 fish and cull them?  Were the fish schooling or scattered?  What was the pattern?

As to whether these guys were just lucky or not will be proven by the end of the Tournament Trail events when the winner is determined… I would suppose that those guys in the top five at the end of the season really know what they are doing… the rest are just lucky or unlucky… depending upon your point of view.

For us, we catch fish by knowing the lake and fishing often… and being fortunate enough to find them occasionally…  We would be a big zero on any lake except Whitney (and Sunday we zeroed on Whitney) if we fished tournament events… we don’t have the fishing knowledge to locate them….  That knowledge is a true mystery to us.  We have fished Whitney, we have pretty good electronics, we have read Bass Master and Bass Times for years, we have watched many videos… as well as many cable TV fishing programs… we still have no knowledge of how to locate fish.   With us, its simply a case of trial and error… a whole lot of error lately.

We fished Sunday….  we didn’t work hard at it, and we fished different hours than the Toruney folks…  from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or so.  I am not sure what the BLT hours were, but I am quiet sure they spent most of the day on the lake.  Our hat is off to those guys who did catch fish…  great job, no matter whether it was luck or skill.

If you have opinions on the winning ways, we would like to hear from you… We are always interested in learning how to find fish other than through trial and error…..