We got this email report on Whitney fishing today….   Thought we would share it with everyone.

Just thought I’d offer up a fishing report.  I was up the Nolan Wednesday.  In my kayak believe it or not…in those 40mph winds!  It was somewhat sheltered though from the brunt of the wind.  I did real well on sandy’s.  I lost a monster largemouth that shook the hook.  The water looks the best I’ve seen in a long time.  Plenty of cover as you probably know to flip and pitch.  Water temps were 62F-64F.  Don’t let the wind and GA keep you off the water!  I hope this in some small way, helps y’all out.  I really enjoy reading your reports and looking forward to seeing y’all smiling with a DD bass real soon!        Tight Lines, Jamie   

We are always happy to include other folks experiences on the lake….  We don’t normally fish up in the river so this report is for those folks who do.

Just FYI… the lake is at 531 feet… just 2 feet down from normal pool stage.   Depending upon how much rain we got today and how much we get over the weekend…  it looks like Whitney could be at normal pool  by Monday or Tuesday….  and it will be warming up next week as well.

Spring is here…