Whine, complain, whine, whine…..

Yep, its March again.  The spring time water temps are just about right on Whitney…. and here we are, sitting at the house… well sorta.

Its March.  The winds have been howling for a week… some days up to 40 mph.  Not going to be on the water when it is like that.  Storms are predicted for the weekend.   Have spring time chores to do.   Got doctor / dentist appointments.  Helping out the kids.   Mowing has started (try keeping 5 acres mowed in the spring).  Stuff has to get done.. taxes… whatever.  Just not out on the water.   The water was down, it rained.  It rained some more.  The lake came up.  It was muddy. There is golden algae.  There is a fish kill.

Winter was a bust this year.  I think we fished most every week except for one or two.  We caught a few fish, but did not find the double digit we wanted and thought we might get it this year.  We know Whitney has them, it is just a matter of getting one in the boat.  And Aquilla has them for sure…   That’s the goal… to get one of those big mama’s in the boat.

We have to be careful about the winds.  The lesson was re-emphasized last year when a Fort Worth judge drowned in Aquilla when his boat hit a stump in high winds and he and his fishing buddy were thrown from the boat without life jackets.  Aquilla never gets as bad as Whitney, but when the winds get up above 20 mph, any body of water can get rough quick.

We’ll, have  a cold front coming through tomorrow too… so even if the winds were down and there were no storms predicted, it might be tough anyway.    According to the current 10 day forecast, it looks to be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week before there is another opportunity.    We shall see… in the mean time.  Checking the equipment, got old Dave Parker repairing and cleaning the Boss’s favorite reel…   Dave says it will be ready tomorrow.  We will be ready when the opportunity comes again.

Ain’t this a hoot… we are retired and can fish any day of the week… in fact, that’s the way we try to schedule our lives… what day’s are going to be fishable?  Then we try to make sure we are on the water those days…. but sometimes you just can’t get there from here.  I guess that is why a lot of bass fishermen who work for a living fish the weekends regardless of the weather….  We used to do it…  never got in the days of fishing that I wanted.

I think about my Dad… he loved to hunt like we love to fish.  When he retired he just moved to the woods so he could be out there all the time… but, times are different now and it is tough to move to the lake… just costs tons of money that we don’t have…. 

But, God has blessed us….   we get to fish most of the great days He makes.  The rest of the time we just pray for more of those great days and thank Him for the ones He gives us.