Not fishing today. We didn’t go fishing this morning… supposed to be windy today according to the weather guessers…. man to have a job like that… on TV, make a lot of money…  and not get fired for being wrong a lot of the time…. Well, maybe in my next life.

Anyway, the winds this morning were not bad.  Sat out on the patio, drank coffee, read the paper and visited with the dogs… relaxing, but NOT FISHING!   If it wasn’t windy enough to blow the news paper around such that I couldn’t read it, then it wasn’t too windy to go fishing…. Arrrrgh!

Ramp info update.  We did take most of the morning and go through and combine our pages on each of the Whitney Lake boat ramps with the February 4th info and photos we had on ramps.   We had noticed that a lot of folks were reading the ramp info pages, but not checking the Ramp update info and photos… especially the February 4th update.  The first info and photos were when the lake was 13 feet low and then the next major update was February 4th.   Based upon the number of times the pages were visited, we could tell a lot of folks were interested so we thought we would merge the two sets of information and photos.  Hope this helps some of you.

Boat stuff.  We have been checking out the boat and trailer ..  a sort of “spring cleaning” exercise.  Organizing our lures, oiling our reels, checking the wheel bearings, checking the batteries, and checking the trailer lights…  We fish once or twice each week so its not like the equipment has been setting up.. just doing a once a year check out.

We were on the ramp at McCown this past Monday and it was surprising how many people don’t check out their boat until they back it into the water.  There were several boaters there who apparently were cranking up for the first time this year.  Batteries were down, engines wouldn’t start, equipment wasn’t where it was supposed to be… and they were sorting all this out while in a lane on the ramp.. folks were waiting patiently (well maybe not all the folks) while they got their act together.  Do all the other boater a favor.  Check your boat out before you put it on the ramp or in the water.  Do us another favor and stop before you get on the ramp and get your boat ready to unload… undo the straps, put in your gear, etc.  Just make sure that all is ready for you to back down the ramp and launch the boat, BEFORE you get the boat on the ramp…  OK.. that’s my rant…  just use some courtesy for others who are trying to use the boat ramp.

Lake Level and Fish Kill.  By the way, I think Whitney, as of today, is about 8 inches above pool stage.  Great news!  And, in my opinion, I don’t think the golden algae fish kill is going to be a big issue.  We were out there last Monday and saw less than a dozen dead fish in the McCown, Cedron Creek, and Bee Bluff areas.  These were areas that the golden algae was reported as strong by TP&W

Happy fishing and boating….