Lake Whitney Bohemian versus Fun-N-Sun….   We didn’t make the weigh-in for the Fun-N-Sun, but we got the stats from the web. Here is the link to the Fun-N-Sun results…  it has all the details.

Actually, we “heard” that in addition to the Fun-N-Sun entry fee, all the contestants had to pay the $10 per vehicle entry fee at Juniper Cove…  we certainly didn’t want to part with $10 for the weigh-in experience…not going to happen!  As my granddaughter would say “That’s RE-DICK-O-LUS!”  Just by the way, Harbor Master Marina did not have a charge for attending the Bohemian weigh-in.  Harbor Master Marina is somewhat more “customer/fisherman friendly” in our opinion, than Juniper Cove Marina, but that is just an opinion.  You know what Dirty Harry said about opinions… everyone has one!

What a difference a week makes, or 20 to 30 mile per hour winds.   Whatever, the Fun-N-Sun and the Bohemian Classic were different ball games…  or rather fishin’ contests.

Here are a few of the differences we saw between the Fun-N-Sun and the Bohemian Classic…

“By the Numbers”….

The entry fees were $35 per person for the Bohemian versus $200 per boat for the Fun-N-Sun.  Well, not as bad as it looks since its usually two guys to a boat… so the Bohemian was $70 versus the $200.  There were 187 entrants in the Bohemian (or about 93 or so boats) and in the Classic there were 75 teams.  I don’t think it was the price of entry as much as it was the winds.  The winds were down for the Bohemian and howling for the Fun-N-Sun.   I think I saw a Texas Fishing Forum message that was suggesting that Fun-N-Sun contestants “trailer” their boats to ramps close to their fishing spots.   Whitney can be really tough when the winds get up.

The prizes were a bit different…   A $1,000 was the first place prize in the Bohemian and $10,000 in the Fun-N-Sun.   The Bohemian paid for the first 5 places and the Fun-N-Sun for the first 8 places.

Right off, we noticed one big difference… one that we really couldn’t sort out with the available statistics from the Bohemian.  In the Bohemian, folks fished as “individual entrants” where in the Fun-N-Sun, it was by the boat.   So based upon the information we have about tournament results, we could not compare boat to boat or the five fish to six fish limits.  If we could have we think the difference in fish numbers and weights would have been dramatically different.  I wish there were a way to compare the two contests boat to boat but there isn’t.

Only two boats in the Fun-N-Sun caught a limit of 5 fish.  We have visited with a fellow that fished in the Bohemian and he said that they had 15 fish between them and their total stringer was well over 25 pounds, but they could only keep 6 fish.  Just guessing (and that is all is it is.. a “guess” I would venture to say that a number of boats in the Bohemian had limits of 6 fish.

The most striking difference between the tournaments was the number of big fish.  The Bohemian had large numbers of big fish.  The biggest was about 7 lbs, far short of the 9.89 that was caught in Fun-N-Sun, but several folks had more than one big fish that they boated.  We also noted that in the Bohemian, most of the top 10 finishers had one or more big bass, but in the Fun-N-Sun the big bass were scattered down the leader board as far as 18th.   According to the stats, the Bohemian had 8 fish that weighed 5.95 lbs or better.  The Fun-N-Sun only had 3 fish larger than 5 lbs.

Here are some other comparisons:

Total fish caught:  Bohemian, 103 fish.  Fun-N-Sun 57 fish.

Total Weight:  Bohemian 300 lbs versus 156 lbs in the Fun-N-Sun.

Average weight:  Bohemian was 2.9 lbs versus 2.75 lbs in the Fun-N-Sun.

We did notice that EK Watts and his partner finished 3rd in the Fun-N-Sun with two fish and one was the Big Bass.  (We don’t know who caught the big bass though).  In the Bohemian, EK finished 43rd with one 2 lb fish.  In the Bohemian report, we asked the question “Was EK sandbagging.”   Well, maybe.  He had one fish in the Bohemian, and his boat had two fish in the Fun-N-Sun.  Not a lot of difference in numbers, but much better in quality.  In addition to EK Watts, the other celebrity we noticed was Bill Wilcox of Honey Hole…   he zeroed too.  Those low lights will likely not be seen on Honey Hole this year.

We did learn something about one of the big catches in the Bohemian.  These guys found schooling shad on a shallow hump/point and caught the most of their fish on top water lures, primarily buzz baits.  This is a late spring, summer and early fall pattern that we have found to be successful.   Find schooling fish on a point.  We usually use the birds to help us.  If we can find birds working a point or schooling fish on a point or hump close to shore we will fish those as they can be sand bass, stripers or black bass or mixed.  If the birds are working the middle of the lake, we ignore them, the fish out there in the middle under the birds are more likely to be just stripers and sand bass.  The guys we talked to said they found their “magic spot” in practice on Monday and Tuesday before the Bohemian.. and on one of those days, they boated 15 fish in two hours and said that stringer weighed over 29 lbs.  That is a nice day on any lake anytime.

Here is something else that we believe in.  The wind on Whitney makes a huge difference.  While we don’t fish in winds above 10 or 15 mph on Whitney, we don’t really think they bite well in the big wind or if they do, it is hard to figure out if you have a bite.  Also, we can’t fish the locations that we normally fish which is main lake points and humps in those big winds.  AND, on Whitney, it is like selling real estate… its location, location, location.  You have to be on the fish.

On Whitney, some days are diamonds and some days are stone…  the diamond days are much more likely to occur when the winds are light and just a little cloud cover… that’s just experience talking.

Our boat is still in the shop…. three weeks now.  Can you hear my fingernails scratching the walls… we are going crazy with cabin fever.   According to BP, Mercury shipped the wrong part last week and maybe it will be in this week.  No word or estimate on when they think we might get the boat back.  But, we are ready to go when they give it to us….  Shoot, I have been out in the yard just practicing casting… it feels good to snag a little piece of grass and get a “tap.”