Here is an email we received… a great fishing report and a great story….   Hope you enjoy it.

I first want to say I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to each update.  I am from West and grew up fishing Whitney and Aquilla… I am now a young professional working in Dallas so I dont get to fish near as much as I would like. ..  I did get to fish Aquilla on fathers day with my Dad and brother and its those memories that I know I will look back on someday as the best memories of my life… now for the fishing report..
We got to the lake around 6:30 and fished yellow magics and buzz baits around the hump straight out from Snake Island.  The bass were pretty much right on top of the hump early pushing up shad… We probably caught 8-10 fish in the first hour including 2 over 18 inches.  After the first hour we let the fish on the hump rest for a couple hours and fished the deep channel behind snake island with deep diving crank baits, t-rig worms, and football head jigs.. I caught one a dd crankbait and my brother caught one on a worm in 25+ feet of water but we couldnt find them bunched up to catch big numbers deep.  After a couple hours fishing deep we hit the drop offs around the hump one last time with mid-depth cranks and managed to catch 3-4 more including one more over 18 inches before calling it a day.  All in all we caught 16 bass with 3 keepers.  Dad caught 6 and my bother and i caught 5 each with each one of us catching one keeper.  So dad won on fathers day.  Couldnt have asked for a better day.
Anyway, I always enjoy reading your post so I wanted to share my experience. 
Good fishing,
We have had some good days on Aquilla like this.  And some good days fishing “the hump.”   After this story, if you go to Aquilla in the next week or two, you will have to take a number with the other boats circling the hump just to fish.  I have seen that before when folks get turned on to a location in Aquilla. 🙂  Its a fun thing.
At any rate, fishing with your kids or with your Dad is always something to treasure no matter what day of the year it is, it will be a special day in your memory later on