Well, it was a fair day today…  Weather was great and we caught a few fish.. actually just 3.

We were on the lake at 7:05.  The air temperature was around 62° and the water temperature was about 75° and it warmed to about 77°.   Initially, the winds were light from the South, but they picked up pretty rapidly.  By 11 a.m. the winds were above 10 mph and close to 15.   We had gone down the lake and the lake was a little rough getting back.  The lake level today is 526.06, or 6 feet 11 1/4 inches down.   I think it was down 6 feet 8 1/2 yesterday.  What I can tell you is that the lake is falling.   The lake is relatively clear in the mid-lake area.  And, again today, the skies were cloudless.

We launched at McCown Valley Park again today, but went up the lake and fished around the mouth of Juniper Cove.  We caught 2 on Pop-Rs and one on a T-rig.  We had a number of other bites and I lost another one on a Pop-R… just sucked it under.  The first two literally hammered the lure, gobbling it down completely.

Here are a couple of pictures…  The first one was the smallest we caught…

I just wanted to make sure we got a picture in case we didn’t catch any more.  But the second one went 14 inches and the 3rd one was about 17 inches.

This one was a Pop-R fish…   I love those top-water fish.

The ramps continue to be in good shape.  I think you can probably still launch anywhere on the lake and the Corps is taking good care of the sliding boat docks.

Fishing is a strange deal… yesterday, The Boss boated 4 and I got none.  Today I had 3 and she had none…..  who knows why..  Though yesterday, she caught hers in pairs so I think we just lucked into small schools swimming by.  Today they were scattered.  Yesterday, most of the fish were caught in 6 to 8 feet of water, and today they were all caught in a foot or two of water….

Yesterday was a great day and we stayed out until after lunch….   today with the wind what it was, we got off the lake at 10:30 a.m.

And, like yesterday, there were very few boats on the lake.  I think we saw two or three today and only one of them was a bass boat.  We had the McCown ramp and parking lot to ourselves.

Like I said yesterday…. I think the bass fishing is picking up a little on Whitney….  we have had 3 days this week where we caught 3 or more fish and had a number of bites.  All the fish we caught this week have been fat and chunky….  and very feisty..  Healthy fish.