Just checked the weather for the next 5 days…..    looks like it might be windy most of the week….  That means it will be “iffy”  getting out on the lake…

We are just fair weather fisherman….  blue sky, no wind, certainly no storms, thunder and lightening.

Or this older one of The Boss….

Kinda like this picture from Friday.   Only a ripple on the water and no clouds….  a little cool, but that’s OK.. we will even take cold.

But, generally we are risk adverse when it comes to the weather.  Life is short and getting much shorter.  Funny how it is when you get old; time just flies by.   We just try to slow down and enjoy the moment.   Its really OK with us if we only catch a fish or two ever 3 or 4 hours….  just enjoy getting out on the lake and wetting a hook…  that “tap-tap” or “thump” is just icing on the cake.

We have had some adventures over the last week….  fuel pump quitting on the pickup down at Blum, the trailer coming off the hitch….  we really don’t enjoy those “adventures” too much, but they are part of life and part of fishing.   We just like to survive them with minimal damage.

We are very blessed and lucky to boot.   We just try to take life one day at a time … Getting to fish for bass is a luxury… having a lake like Whitney pretty much to ourselves most days is a huge luxury.    We live in a great country….   We hope you all go vote and vote to keep it free and to keep the liberty that so many have died for.   We have a clear choice as to the kind of nation we want to live in….   This election is not really about either of two men… it is about FREEDOM, PRIVATE PROPERTY and INALIENABLE RIGHTS…   Vote carefully….  and by all means vote.  Early voting begins Monday here in Texas, make sure your vote counts.  If you can convince someone else to vote… do it.