In the winter, we fish like some folks deer hunt… we are working on getting that trophy fish…. We usually catch our biggest fish in the winter.  It just needs to get to be winter time… the fish are confused by all this 70 and 80 degree weather.

Well, today we spent a lot of time fishing/hunting….   we didn’t do a lot of catching.  The Boss did put a fish in the boat early on… right after we got to the lake…..

It was the usual deal…. “I’ve got a bite”…. when I looked around, she was standing on the edge of the boat with her rod tip pointed straight down… “It’s right under the boat” she said just before she set the hook…   a nice little 16 incher….

It was cool this morning, around 40° when we got up so we didn’t hurry getting down to the lake…..  We were launching about 8:30 a.m. and by 8:45 she put this one in the boat.  I thought we might have a pretty good day…..

The wind was somewhere between 7 to 10 mph this morning, making it a bit chilly.  By the time we were on the water, the temperature had got up to around 46°.   The water temperature was 61 to 62 degrees.   I was glad I had on those super warm long johns from Academy….  and that ski outfit as well…   I was warm enough.   The lake level is 524.23, that is 8 feet 9 1/4 inches low for those folks from the city….   The lake has been relatively stable at around 8 1/2 feet low for over a month now.   And that is a good thing for us fishing folks.   Not like last year when it seemed like someone had pulled the drain plug on the lake and you wondered if you could get the boat back on the trailer when you got back from fishing each time….   I am really happy that the Corps and Brazos River Authority are holding the lake steady while all this drought stuff is going on.   Man we need some rain.  The water was a bit stained today, especially on the windy side (south side) of the lake…. the north shore parts were much clearer.  The air temperature warmed up nicely by 10:30 or so….  We peeled our jackets off and went to work in earnest.

We fished a number of our favorite spots.  We fished deep ledges and humps.  We fished shallow flats.  We fished coves and creek channels.  We fished rocky points.   To tell you the truth, we just did not find any fish concentrations of any consequence…  In fact, we didn’t find hardly any fish at all.  It was a tough day.  The fish The Boss put in the boat early on turned out to be the only bite we could say for sure that either of us got today.  Five and half hours of tough fishing.

There were two rigs at the ramp when we launched and we saw a half dozen boats on the lake.  Another couple of boats were launching as we were leaving the lake at 2 p.m.   We saw guys fishing with jugs and fishing for white bass with slabs.  We saw some other bass fishermen, but we didn’t see anyone putting any fish in their boat.  Maybe they did…. we just didn’t see them catching any fish.

The Boss though summed it up…. “It was a great day on the lake”

Of course she would be on the lake every day if she could…. If this cool / cold winter weather will stabilize, I believe we will find those big gals and hopefully up our personal bests on Whitney…  We need some more catching to go with our fishing!

I do want to mention that recently we have met several readers of our blog… some on the lake and some around town.   We met an enthusiastic fisherman last Saturday in the Elks Diner in Burleson….  We really enjoyed our visit with him…  and actually the visits with everyone we have talked to.   They always have good information and stories to share…. nothing better than good fishing stories.