Well, with the boat in the shop today, we got up and watched Honey Hole on Channel 27 this morning…  Actually, we pretty much always watch Honey Hole…  but we had planned to go fishing this morning because it was supposed to be warmer and just a nice day…..  But, then stuff happens…. that’s life and that’s life in Texas.

Bill did have a local guide who was raised down at Whitney to help him on the lake, and they did fish a part of the lake we don’t fish….  They launched at the Red Bluff ramp in Steele Creek Park and first fished the White Bluff area, and he pointed out the two cuts over there.  Then he said they went up to the old Lakeside Village Marina area and picked up a fish, then back down along the south side of the river channel back to the Red Bluff ramp.  It looked as though they caught 6 or 8 fish and some of them were pretty nice.

What I picked up on was that they did a lot of deep crank bait work and it paid off and they did some T-Rig and jig work catching at least one nice fish on a lizard or baby brush hog.   For Whitney, they had a pretty good day.

If you want, I think you can go to the Honey Hole web site and and view the show.

What you can get out of the show about fishing Whitney is that you can pretty much launch and fish withing sight of the boat ramp where you launched and catch fish.  They fished White Bluff and Lakeside marina and the deep side of the river channel in between.  They also said they fished Steel Creek which is on the opposite side of the Steel Creek Park from the Red Bluff ramp.  Bill illustrated the locations on a paper map of the lake rather than his depth finder GPS map…  It is a big area, but you can get the picture.  It was also notable that most of their fish came from stickups of which there are plenty in the Red Bluff area….  another reason we don’t fish up that way.   We don’t know the lake well enough to  run up in that area, even with the Navionics map of the lake, I know that there are trees out in the lake where you would not think there are trees.   In the past, we have fished up as far as Steele Creek and we have seen the lone tree here and there out in the lake.

For us, we generally fish from Cedar Creek / Juniper Cove down to below Bee Bluffs.  Our fishing area is more characterized by open water with creek channels, bluffs and rocky points as opposed to the more timbered area up around White Bluff, Steel Creek Park and Lakeside Marina.  We just choose to work areas that are less risky for encountering obstacles in the water.  We are just too old to deal with water difficulties.  And, I am too lazy to fish in the stickups.. translated to hangups.

But, at the end of the day they caught fish and we haven’t been catching fish…..  I think you could launch at Red Bluff (that ramp was good even when the lake was down 15 feet and it is only down 8 1/2 feet now) and ease around and catch some good fish in the stickups.

Bills guide, I believe his name was Reed, did offer some  great insight on the golden algae issue.  It is worth watching the show just to hear that explanation.

As always, we appreciate the tidbits we pickup from Bill Wilcox on Honey Hole.  We have never met him even though he lives not far from us.  The closest we have come was to pass him on the highway and see him getting his truck washed at the Burleson car wash.

I would say this, Steele Creek Park is a remote area.  It is on the west side of the lake and is not a controlled access park.  Personally, if I were going to fish that area, I would go up to Plowman Park which is a controlled access park, or better yet, go to the White Bluff marina to launch or even come up the lake from Juniper Cove or McCown.  If you are thinking about coming from  a distance and fishing and staying a few days, I would recommend calling White Bluff Resort and staying in one of their hotel rooms, condos or cabins.  They may even have a camping area.  At any rate, it is very secure and right in the area.  The facilities and marina there are first class.  Being on the east side of the lake, White Bluff is much more accessible if you are approaching the lake from I35.  Just my preference, but what do I know.