The 2 of Us Couples Central Tournament took place Saturday 3/9/2013 on Whitney in the wind and rain. We received an email from one of the entrants… These are their comments on the tournament and results. And NO that blue sky wasn’t what it looked like at McCown ramp yesterday.

First place was over 18 pounds. Second was a little over 15 pounds and we had 14.61. The tournament only paid out two places. All our bites came off of plastic. We caught one on a crank bait which we culled. Our lures were Grandebass 8 inch Mega tail in trophy hunter, 4 inch ring worm in plum, and 7 inch Berkley blue fleck. The second place team caught theirs on crank baits. We don’t know about the fist place team as we didn’t get a chance to talk to them.

Well folks, it was cold drizzling rain yesterday… and windy. We wouldn’t have been out there under those conditions… we are just too old. But, I can tell you our hats are off to folks who can get out in that stuff and catch 18, 15 and 14 plus pounds. Those guys are real fishermen… and it is testimony to the health of Whitney that it can produce those kinds of black bass numbers on a terrible day like yesterday.