It was just too nice to pass up the fishing yesterday morning… It has been windy for so long… Just had to get out.

We didn’t make it an e-a-r-l-y start, but we were on the water by 8:30. It was cloudy so it was OK.. no big difference between 8:30 and sunrise. The winds were relatively light. The water pretty clear and about 65°. The air temperature was about 60° to start, but by noon had warmed to the high 70’s. We only fished until 11:30 and then we hit the road. The lake is about 8 feet 10 inches low. Not an issue. The Corps has cleaned some of the rock and gravel from the ramp at McCown making both open lanes usable.

We fished the Cedron Creek area with some top-water, some T-rig and some crank baits. Fish and bites were hard to come by. Though we finally did scratch up 3 small black bass and a dozen or so good sized white bass. I managed 2 blacks on my classic jointed Rebel and The Boss picked up one on a T-Rig.

Here are the Bass photos:

I found this bass schooling with the whites… feeding on shad bunched up in a cove / pocket.

We had about a dozen whites on top water and Rattle Traps. They were pretty good sized whites. Here is one example.

Our son Joe went with us and we had a pretty good time. Not as many black bass as we would have liked, but we had some fun with the schooling whites. When the fish start schooling like that in the shallows, feeding on shad, you can find whites, stripers and blacks.. you never know what you are going to pickup on any individual cast.

May is a great top-water month… get after them.