We made a trip to the lake Tuesday….

It was a great day to be on the lake.  Statistics at our 6:30 launch were:

  • Light clouds
  • 2 to 5 mph wiinds
  • 72° at launch
  • 82° water temperature
  • 51.67 lake level (11 feet 4 inches low)
  • water clarity was good

We headed over to Cedron Creek to fish some of our favorite spots.  It was one beautiful morning….


As usual, no not really, we started with top water and crank baits…. I had the top water and The Boss had the crank bait….  Right off…  in the first 10 or 15 minutes, I had two fish in the boat….

Small, but nice

Another keeper….

We both thought it was going to be a great day for a change… But, even though The Boss switched to a top water, we did not pick up another fish all day… the action was over after 15 minutes.

We did fish a number of our favorite spots. The wind came up some.. may to 8 or 10 mph and we went to the south side of the lake to find some calmer water…. which we did.. We just did not find any more fish. All the bites were very light. We fished a lot of C-Rig, some T-rig, some spinner bait, more top water and some more crank bait… just nothing worked. Actually on the south side of the lake we had moved up to Cedar Creek near the Juniper Cove Marina… There were plenty of whites and stripers showing up on the graph out in the river and creek channels… just no fish on the ledges, flats and humps that we like to fish.

By 9:30 the temperature had got up to around 85°, about the same as the water temperature. But while the lake looked great, it was getting warm and the fish were not biting… at least we did not find any.

Not a cloud in the sky at 9:30… HOT!

There were a couple of boats at the McCown Valley Park ramp when we launched and a few there when we returned. The ramp remains in good shape.

McCown Valley Ramp

We also noted folks still launching at the Cedron Creek ramp as well. The Corps sliding docks looked good at both ramps.

The bad news came as we were buckling up the boat… a low tire. It wasn’t all the way down and we were able to get to the service station just outside McCown Valley Park. For a few bucks, the gentleman there pulled the wheel, repaired the puncture. A “sliver of brown glass.. likely a beer bottle” he advised. His services were prompt and efficient… the price was right. Such a deal… On the road back to Cleburne, that tire would have been a different story in the heat and likely not repairable. It was our lucky day. It always pays to do that “walk around” before leaving home and the ramp… Much better to find something before you hit the road than on the road.  The Boss says we are very lucky.

Life is good, fishing is good… Whitney looks good…. On the way home, we saw our neighbors headed to the lake with their kids and pontoon boat… I am sure they enjoyed their day as well.  Life on the lake is as good as it gets….