What a beautiful day it was today…..

Blue Skies Smiling At Me….

Here are the stats at launch this morning…

  • Air temperature:  49°
  • Water temperature 62°
  • Skies were clear
  • Wind from the north 3 to 4 mph, turning to the south
  • Water clarity: Clear
  • Water Level: 521.59 or 11 feet 5 inches low

We launched at McCown Valley as usual.  The ramp is in good shape although it is pretty much down to one lane, the center lane.  Lots of gravel on either side.  We had no problem launching.  There was one other rig already on the ramp when we got there.   When we left, there were 7 other rigs in the parking lot.  Although Cedron Creek park is closed, we noted that that ramp still appeared to be functional.  I guess all the ramp work the Corps of Engineers did two years ago when the water level was 16 feet low is now paying off.

The Cedron Creek Park Ramp… deer feeding in the shade

We fished the Cedron Creek and Bee Bluff areas.  We saw a few blue heron working the shore lines.  We saw very few gulls and they were not working at all.  There was some surface activity by fish, but they would not hit our crank baits or surface lures.

I caught a total of 5 fish and missed another 3 or 4.  The Boss had a number of bites, but she was unable to get any on the hook.  All of my fish came on Zoom plastic worms…  Old Monster.  Only two of my fish were keepers.  One went 4 pounds.

This one felt really good….

The Burleson Bass Club had a tournament on Whitney yesterday….  I haven’t heard how it turned out, but I am thinking that if I caught 5 fish this morning, they must have cleaned up yesterday…. it was the mirror of today’s conditions yesterday and I know there are a number of guys in the Burleson Club who can put the fish in the boat.

Life has kept us busy the last month and a half… but, we are going to try to squeeze in a few more fishing trips if we can.  Life is far too short to waste any of these great days on the lake.