Here is wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014….

We haven’t been on the lake this week….   we could have gone yesterday, but we spent it clearing some fence line (lots of that to do around here) and burning limbs and brush.  But, it was a beautiful day and the lake would have been grand.

The reason we were burning yesterday was that the wind was down and the ground and fields around our place were wet and damp.    We like to fish when the wind is down, but we also have to do our burning when the wind is down.  I am stiff and sore this morning from all that work yesterday… just not used to it.

We haven’t fished as much this year…  If you follow us, you are already aware of that since the number of reports we posted are way down.   We have just had a lot going on in our lives.  But, we intend to get back at it in 2014.    And we are hoping that the bass fishing on Whitney picks up.  We have not had a lot of good luck this fall and winter which has been our favorite time in the past.   There were many years that we spent Thanksgiving day, Christmas day and New Year’s day fishing…  I think we have missed a few of those over the last few years.. doing family stuff.

But, I can tell you that life is short…  you need to fish when you can, hug your kids and grandkids (if you have them) and anyone else you love every chance you get.  Our personal clock is ticking up toward that 70 mark now and it just seems like life is a blur… or maybe that is just the way it is when you are having fun.

We are still doing the blue grass and country and western music events around here.   We regularly visit jams and shows at Lillian, Midlothian, Waxahatchie, Venus, Cleburne, Pearl, Hillsboro, and Peoria.   We have met some super nice people and a lot of them are from the Whitney / Aquilla area.   If you don’t go to the Monthly show in Peoria you should, especially if you enjoy blue grass and country-western music.

Last January, The Boss took up guitar playing and singing.  One of the folks down near Peoria loaned her a guitar to see if she liked it and then she went out and bought her own….   Not only does she catch fish, cook and do a lot of other wifely and womanly things, she can sing and play too.  She has even started writing her own songs..  Here are a couple.

So, now I not only have to run the trolling motor so she can fish in all the best spots, now I am her “roadie” carrying her guitar case and stuff to these music events…

But hey, what can I say…. I guess I am blessed… she drives the boat (her boat), catches big bass, cooks them up and can play and sing too… what a deal.

Well, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and we hope that you have a great year on the lake…