Well..  we ain’t been on the lake…  and that’s a shame… life is short and we need to make hay while the sun shines.  We need to get back on the lake and SOON!

I have been reading the Texas Fishing Forum and watching the reports on fishing in Whitney…   Here is a little of what I have seen.

First is a report about the crappie in Juniper Cove… seems some folks know the key

This report from Danny Marschall who fishes out of Juniper Cove Marina:

“Yesterday we flat wore them out at our boat slip, every fish was huge, big old barn door crappie. And on minnows. The 1 st string at 11:00 then went back at 5:00 and caught 15 more just like them.”

Now that is a string of Crappie!.  Danny also reports that the bass have turned on and he is catching a lot of nice fish.

This the report from the Whitney Fire Rescue Benefit Bass Tournament:

1. Radke/Radke — 24.62 Big Bass 10.38
2. Shows/Bevins– 20.74
3. Hairston/Carlok — 13.72
4. Honea — 13.50
5. Penny/Zander –11.92
6. Matthews/Sisk — 10.46
7. Garrett/Strickland — 9.18
8. Lipscom/Musso — 7.36
9. Geelsin/Geelsin — 7.20

Whitney Fire Rescue

I am guessing that is the 10.38 fish he is holding….  Nice fish.

A few weeks back (February), there was also a report of a 5 fish stringer of 32 plus pounds.   However, I nave not found any official results or pictures of that stringer.

I have had some reports that I cannot share… but those reports have been very positive.  Seems there are a few folks who are really catching some bass, but they are being pretty closed mouth about when, where and how.  I really do appreciate getting those emails and the “howdys” on the ramp and the lake.

What I know is that over the last number of years, we have fished two to three times a week on Whitney and usually catch some fish.   I think it is “the numbers” that helped us catch fish.. that is being out on the lake enough to know where the fish were and were not.  We haven’t been enough this year to have accumulated that knowledge…  mostly now we can tell you where they are not and what they are not biting.

We are waiting on some warmer weather and some warmer water.. to catch the easier to catch spring bass… shallow water and feeding on bait fish with birds as spotters.

The lake level has been holding at right around 521.5 or 11 and a half feet low for the past 3 months.  I am hoping we get a BIG dose of rain and put the lake back up to normal pool so that we can have some decent fishing through the summer and fall… But, any rain is good and we will take what we can get.

I think most ramps are currently functional, but it will only take the loss of another foot or two of water to wean out the marginal ones.

Spring is here…  get out there and wet a hook!!!