Just wanted to give you a brief update on Whitney…  info we have received from our readers and the Texas Fishing Forum.

The results from the Farm Bureau Team Open that was held on Saturday were:

LADY B.B.—–JAMIE POLSON—-4.15 $150

2nd B.B. —–BOOTS HARRIS—-6.58 $240

1st BOOTS & PHIL HARRIS——-23.64 $1460 = $300 F.B.MEMBER & WIN
2nd SHANE TIMM & DANNY CLARK–22.87 $1097
3rd E.K.WATTS & CHARLES MOORE–22.38 $976
4th KYLE HOOD & NEAL PENNY—–18.45 $856


Our thanks to Don Brown via the Texas Fishing Forum.

I do have the results of the Burleson Bass Club Open on Sunday…  They are as follows:

    Lots of good sacks with three solid fish. The bigger fish chose not to participate.

   Big Stringer
   1st – Danny Moore 14.22 lbs
   2nd – E.K. Watts 13.44
   3rd – Ken Fuller 13.19
   4th – Charles Moore 13.00
   5th – Shaun Shows 11.14
   Tie 6th – Jack Morse 11.11
   Tie 6th – Paul Vaughn 11.11

   Big Bass
   1st – Danny Moore 5.98
   2nd – Paul Vaughn 5.59
   3rd – Michael DiBartolomes 5.46

   Ladies Big Bass
   Madeline Vandersaul 4.87

   We also had four Jr’s fishing with us.
   1. Garrett Vaughn — 7.86 lbs
   2. Jeff Morse — 2.25
   3. Evean Huffuard — 1.43
   4.Brett Shows 0.00 But he lost a nice one

   Lunkerloser had a pathetic 4.99lbs

We also had this report from the Lureguy, our buddy Keith, about a trip he made last Monday, the same day we fished last week.

“Just wanted to relay a good report to you.  Buddy and me, went to Whitney Monday afternoon, Launched at Cedar Creek Park about 1;30 pm. Fished till 5 pm. Caught 10 bass, with 5 over 4 pounds, Biggest was 5lbs.  all except 1 were keeper size. I only caught 3, Buddy caught 7.  Our best five were around 23 – 24 pounds.  Buddy lost one that was bigger than any we caught. Guessing 6 – 7 pounds.  Buddy caught all his fish on the 4in Tube we fish. I caught 1 one a Crankbait, (my only good fish) maybe 4 ¼. I caught one on a wacky worm, and the only non keeper size on a tube. Most of these fish were shallow and relating to wood. 

I also fell in the Lake and had my phone in my pocket,  So I’m letting it dry out in a bag of rice. This is 2nd time it has been in the water, took about a week  first time to get it dried out and working again.  

The Cedar Creek ramp is OK, down to a single lane and has a little gravel on it.  We didn’t have any trouble.  We are going in the morning, but will be fishing the west side of the lake, King Creek, Bee Bluff area.  Phone hasn’t dried out yest so likely will not have any photos tomorrow.”

Sunday, he told me that he and Buddy had also fished on Friday on the West Side of the lake.  He said they caught 7 fish and he caught 6 of them, his biggest was a 4 something.

We would have liked to have gone Saturday, but just didn’t make it.  Saturday afternoon looked great.  I am still poking around trying to find results from the Farm Bureau open.  If I find them, I will come back and add them to this post.

Its spring…. the fish are on… we just need the wind to die down some…. and it would be a big blessing if we were to get some rain.. a lot of it.