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We went to the weigh-in for the West Bass Club‘s 2014 Annual Bohemian Bass Tournament on Lake Whitney. It is one of the premier tournaments on Lake Whitney each year. And, given the recent history of the City of West Texas, it is an amazing accomplishment that the folks from West can pull this off, especially given the explosion of the fertilizer facility last year. Our hat is off to the West Bass Club for its outstanding accomplishment and determination to continue with living the life.

Just for your information, Bohemian refers to the Czech culture that dominates the history of West, Texas. West is widely known for its Czech food, that is sauerkraut‎ and sausage, and maybe a little beer. Bohemian is a special way of living life.   West, Texas is a well known tourist stop on I35 between DFW and Austin. West Bass Club brings that culture to its Bohemian Bass Tournament on Lake Whitney every year. The West Club provides free food (as in sauerkraut and sausage) and drinks to everyone at the weigh-in. It is fine time for everyone.

This year was no exception. It was a lot cooler than last year, and consequently a lot more comfortable to watch the weigh-in at Harbor Master Marina. Just by the way, the Harbor Master Marina is an excellent host. Parking is free, admission to the weigh-in is free.. it is a great deal. Our hat is also off to Harbor Master Marina for being such a great host.  Harbor Master Marina has some of the most beautiful views of the lake.

Even though the wind was out of the south today, few tournament participants made the run down the lake to the Marina. The winds were in the 15 to 20 mph range and there was a bit of an edge to the lower lake ride. A lot of guys trailer-ed in their boats from ramps up the lake.

There were actually a number of great sponsors for the Tournament including Academy Sports.

Weigh-In Headquarters… Harbor Master Marina Front Porch

Well, lets get to it… This was a 3 fish limit for the tournament this year. Here are the stats for the tournament:

Total Participants: 218
Participants Weighing in fish: 119 or 54% of the folks weighed in fish
Participants NOT weighing in fish: 101 or 46 %… apparently a tough day for those folks.
Total Number of Fish Caught: 298
Total Number of Pounds of Fish Caught: 802.79 pounds
Average Weight: 2.69 pounds
Big Bass weight: 7.68 pounds
Number of Bass over 7 Pounds: 5
Number of 6 to 7 Pound Bass: 3
Number of 5 Pound Bass: 4
Total Number of Bass over 5 pounds: 12 … that’s 4% of the total number of fish caught…
Number of Participants weighing in 3 fish limits: 78 or 36% of all participants
Number of Participants weighing in 2 fish bags: 22
Number of Participants weighing in 1 fish bags: 18
Average bag weight for folks catching fish: 6.75 pounds

To be in the top 5 “paying finishers” a participant had to have nearly 13 pounds of fish or have 3 fish that weighed on average a little over 4 1/4 pounds.

There were 10 plus “Junior” Participants and several “lady” competitors though we did not get the number. We scanned the list of folks not weighing any fish in and noted a few that we knew… but we are not going to mention any names nor post that list of folks. We like our friends to remain friends.

The Bohemian paid or awarded prizes to the top 48 finishers in total weight.  Here is a list of those folks (This is unofficial and may not be exactly precise, but it is close):

Participant                                            # of Fish               Weight
1  Ronnie Geeslin                                           3                         15.80
2  Jordan Grimm                                             3                         13.65
3  Joe Contreras                                              3                         13.03
4  Jason Derrick                                              3                         12.86
5  John Staley                                                  3                         12.42
6  James Honea                                               3                         12.12
7  Casey Bennett                                              3                         12.04
8  Michael Honea                                            3                          11.50
9  Bobby Harris                                               3                          11.37
10  Justin Bullard                                              3                          11.35
11  Jason Metzgar                                             3                          11.29
12  Danny Reich                                                3                          11.22
13  Gary Herrell                                                 3                          11.16
14  Rick Cockrell                                                3                          10.72
15  Aron Maler                                                   3                          10.06
16  Robert Stover                                               3                          10.02
17  Shaun Shows                                                3                            9.87
18  Alan Kinear                                                   3                            9.76
19  Blake Coffman                                              2                            9.54
20  Jordan Morse      (JR)                                3                             9.54
21  Bryce Blackshear     (JR)                            3                             9.50
22  Cody Pratka                                                  3                             9.43
23  Dustin Pustejovsky                                     3                             9.40
24  Rick Zamora                                                 3                             9.34
25  Arien Vlam                                                    3                             9.25
26  Corbin Ubanovsky                                       3                             9.16
27  Ronald Sisk                                                   3                             8.97
28  Cliff Kettler                                                   3                              8.95
29  Clint Chudej                                                  3                             8.81
30  James Burgess                                              3                             8.71
31  Richard Conway                                           3                             8.68
32  Randy Garrett                                               3                             8.59
33  Ricky Boyd                                                    3                              8.13
34  Matt Westerfield                                          3                              7.72
35  Joe Stone                                                       3                              7.72
36  E.K. Watts                                                     3                              7.71
37  Charlie Penney                                             3                              7.67
38  Marty Williams                                             3                              7.59
39  Joe Hurst                                                       3                              7.58
40  Jack Cambell                                                 3                              7.43
41  Zachary Boyd                                                2                              7.33
42  David Gibson                                                3                               7.16
43  Will Andrie                                                    3                               7.16
44  Barry Merrill                                                 3                               7.12
45  Jeff Brinegar                                                 3                               7.04
46  Randy May                                                    3                              6.88
47 Bud Mitchell                                                  3                               6.87
48 Terry O’Daniel                                              3                               6.80

Here are the winners:

Overall 1st Place, Big Bass 2nd Place Ronnie Geeslin

Collecting the check…

Jordan Grimm Second Place Overall

Jordan’s big bass was 6.13

Easy Money Jordan.. Like that happy face….


3rd Place Over All Joe Contreras


Yea.. a pay day!


Jason Derick In the money! 4th Place Overall

I made the cut… John Staley 5th Place Overall

Number 20, Jordan Morse was the Overall Junior Winner and Ladies Big Bass winner.  Bryce Blackshear, also a Junior contestant, had big bass for the Juniors.

Jordan Morse 1st Place Ladies Big Bass, Overall Junior 1st Place

Yep… I can play up here with the big boys!

Just by the way, Jordan’s Mom says she only fishes when she fishes the Bohemian.  And, did you know that she won Big Bass two years ago.   She didn’t know what lures she caught the fish on… just “whatever.”

Bryce Blackshear 5.13 Junior Division

Garrett Snider 4.59 pounder 3rd Place Junior Big Bass

Garrett placed 19th on the Big Bass List.. Good job Garrett!


Here are the top 22 Big Bass finishers:
Participant             Big Bass
1  Michael Honea            7.68
2  Ronnie Geeslin            7.51
3  Casey Bennett              7.45
4  Blake Coffman             7.19
5  Bobby Harris                7.14
7  Rick Cockrell                6.35
8  Jason Derrick              6.19
9  Jordan Grimm            6.13
10  Jason Metzgar             5.53
11  Joe Contreras              5.50
12  Jordan MacDonald    5.24
13  Bryce Blackshear        5.13
14  HL Adcock                   4.93
15  Aron Maler                  4.81
16  Jordan Morse             4.77
17  Cord Zahn                   4.71
20  Gary Herrell               4.65
21  Garrett Snider            4.59
22  Owen Mills                 4.28

Big Bass prizes were paid to the first 3 places.

Is Michael Honea a HAPPY CAMPER or what?

How could I be out of the Overall????

And here is that 7.68 Bad Boy

Ronnie Geeslin 7.51 Pounder


Big Bass 3rd Place Casey Bennett

What kind of smile is that?????

Blake Coffman 4th in Big Bass with a 7.19

Rick Cockrell 6.35 big Bass

Jason Metzgar’s 5.53


Some of the random comments from participants were:

We caught them on top waters.  Yellow Magic.

Top water, then T-rigs.

The wind was tough early.

I caught them on my rod.. you know, a rod and a reel.

They bit in the mouth, the corner of the mouth.

Here is a YouTube slide show of some of the photographs I took…   just random shots during the weigh-in.

You can use YouTube’s icon on the bottom right corner to watch it full screen.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did the 2014 Bohemian weigh-in.