Got an email today from my friend Keith Jones, the lureguy. He and his fishing partner were on Whitney last Friday. He reported they caught about 15 fish, 7 keepers with the largest being this 6 1/2 pounder that Buddy caught.

Buds Fish

That is one good looking fish… but The Boss said it looks a lot like one she threw back there a few weeks ago….

Anyway, those boys are seriously thinking about entering the Bohemian next Sunday…. just depends on the weather Keith says… especially the wind.

According to the Texas Water Development Board’s statistics, Whitney is 12 feet 7 1/4 inches low… I guess the rain last Thursday didn’t impact the lake much other than maybe to hold it steady. It has rained cats and dogs, been a down right frog strangler today and there is supposed to be some more coming tonight and tomorrow morning. Rains have been heavy in the Whitney area. I think it will likely take 10 days of rain like we got today to put the lake back where it should be. Anyway, I will be anxious to see if this little bit of rain has any impact.

We plan to go to the Bohemian weigh in Sunday… we went last year and it was a good time…. We plan to have pictures and results next week…. and maybe we will get to fish later this week and we can pass on our report.