We fished Monday..    Zeroed out….  just two or three bites and no fish.   We fished out of Lofer’s Bend East.   The ramp was “rocky” but I know from past experience that the ramp is good even if the lake gets 16 feet low.   Hopefully, the Corps will send someone out to shovel off some of the rock so it is a bit smoother getting in and out.  As long as current conditions exist, I would suggest staying toward the boat dock side…

My buddy Keith, the lureguy, said that he and his partner fished on Friday.   He said they caught 16 up in Cedar Creek and on up the lake on the east side.  He said the largest fish boated was about 3 1/2 pounds but that they had lost two more that would have gone 4 to 5 pounds.   Caught his fish on tubes.  They launched at Cedar Creek Park without issue.

Following is the results of the Wednesday night Working Man’s Tournament from last week…  picked this up over on TFF.

Week of 4-30-14

  1. Randy&Tommy- 17.37 B.B. 5.93
  2. Chris&Jacob- 12.50 B.B. 4.54
  3. Dean&Rick- 11.20 B.B. 3.42
  4. Robbie- 11.13
  5. Bobby- 11.11 B.B. 5.19
  6. Don&Bill- 10.75
  7. Nathan- 9.20
  8. Kyle&Dean- 9.04
  9. Jay&David- 6.27
  10. .Charles- xx
  11. Robert&Robert- xx

Seventeen pounds is a lot of fish….  exactly why I don’t fish tournaments… we are not near that good.  My guess also is that the folks that fish the Bohemian will also likely see these folks at the weigh-in.  You also will likely see the young man in the lead photo…  he was a big winner last year.

As indicated in the table below from the Texas Water Data site, Whitney is currently 12 3/4 feet low.  It has been fairly stable at about this level for a year now and the water is relatively clear.

Date Percent Full Water Level
Height Above Conservation Pool
Today 2014-05-07 58.5 520.26 -12.74
Yesterday 2014-05-06 58.5 520.28 -12.72
2 days ago 2014-05-05 58.6 520.32 -12.68
1 week ago 2014-04-30 59.2 520.54 -12.46
1 month ago 2014-04-07 59.9 520.80 -12.20
3 months ago 2014-02-07 62.8 521.90 -11.10
6 months ago 2013-11-07 62.1 521.63 -11.37
1 year ago 2013-05-07 68.4 523.89