Yes sir! It was hot and hazy this morning….  But, it was great to be on the lake… . be it somewhat crowded.

We had considered going to Aquilla this morning.. just for grins and in the hopes of catching some fish again.  But, we considered everything and went back to Whitney.  So did some other folks.  As we had made our way down to McCown Valley Park this morning, we talked about where we would fish.   Some other folks must have been listening because the first spot we went to had 3 other boats there…

Conditions today:

  • Air Temperature:  77° at launch
  • Wind:   2 to 4 mph
  • Skies:  Hazy and somewhat cloudy
  • Humidity:  near 90%…
  • Water Temperature:  86°
  • Water Clarity:  Actually, it was dirty in spots with about a foot or two of visibility
  • Water Level:   525.57 or 7 feet 5 inches low…  a little lower than it was on Monday.

Sun rise was great:

Just a little hazy…

We were the second rig on the ramp at 6:10, and we watched as that boat took off toward the spot we had decided upon, but it was way across the lake and it was hard to tell exactly where they went.  But when we got across the lake, they were about 100 yards down from where we had intended to fish.  And, as we were rolling up on our spot, two more boats that looked to have launched out of Cedron Creek Park came in right behind us.   They stopped and sat off in the middle of the creek for a while before going down a ways and fishing back toward where we were.

But, just like Monday, we didn’t turn a fish on our Pop-R’s and Spook.  So we moved over to Camp Creek and gave the spot to them

The Boss noted another boat launching at Cedron Creek Park ramp.

There were more rigs there than we had seen in a while. We believe that is where the other two boats launched that came into Cedron Creek right behind us.

As usual, when the top water bite didn’t materialize right off, she went back to the old faithful worm.. the Zoom Old Monster plum, and as usual, I hear this “I’m getting a bite” from the back of the boat. It was a short fish, but it was a fish.

She said “It’s a Keeper”

We fished two other locations and I lucked into a small fish…  Ha!  I wasn’t skunked today.  But, no picture.. It was a short fish.  I also caught it on a Texas Rig…. Hey, I had to go there in order to keep up.  Otherwise, I don’t hear the end of it.

It remained a hazy day until about 9 a.m.

But, it began to clear off and the wind died even more.  It really began to get hot.

A beautiful day.. just HOT.

We gave it up at 10:30.  It was 93° when I cranked the pickup.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda… Maybe we shoulda went to Aquilla… I donno.  We haven’t been in a couple of year.. but the lake is at its normal pool level… the fishing could be good… donno… didn’t make the trip.  Coulda, woulda, shoulda!  Just didn’t do us any good to bring the ice today.  Another couple we visited with on the ramp said they only caught two small fish today too.

The ramp at McCown is in pretty good shape.  Always use caution in the lane that the sliding dock sits in… that is the lane that the ramp has caved in.  The other two lanes are fine.  There is a growing sand bar from the motor wash out near the end of the dock.  I don’t know if this will become a problem or if the Corps will clear it out…  But, right now, you will not have any issue launching or loading.    The Cedron Creek Park ramp also looked to be in very good shape.