July 19….  a day to remember….   It was likely a record setting day for being cool in July.  The air temperature this morning was definitely on the air conditioned side.

Here are the stats:

  • Air Temperature:   67 or 68 degrees
  • Water Temperature: 82°
  • Water Clarity:  Very good, 2 to 3 feet even with cloudy weather
  • Skies:  Cloudy
  • Wind: 2 to 5 out of the east, north east
  • Lake Level:  525.65 or 7 feet, or about 7 feet 4 inches low

We hit the ramp at 6:59 am this morning.  We watched as two other boats took off into the dark and another boat was getting ready to unload on the ramp.   We were fishing at 6:05.

Being a Saturday and a nice Saturday at that, there were a plethora of boats on the lake.  I thought there were at least a half dozen fishing the Cedron Creek area…. maybe more.  We were lucky to be the first boat to the spot we wanted to fish.  I watched boat after boat race up and then turn off when they saw us already fishing.   And boy was it a nice day for top water today.  It wasn’t but just a few minutes before our son Joe boated the first fish….  a 3 pounder even..

You reckon that felt good?

We had lots of fun with it…  The fish jumping several times, The Boss getting the net, and then the big smile…   It helped that we gave him a rod and reel with the drag set light….  at least on this fish it helped.

As the day went, the Boss caught two, I caught 3 or 4 and Joe had the one.   He did the catch and release thing on another good fish.  A big one sucked his Pop-R under and he commenced to reeling it to the boat.  This was a really nice fish and obviously larger than the 3 pounder he already had in the boat….  BUT, as it was coming up to the boat, it pulled off.  I estimated it at about 4 to 5 pounds, Joe of course thought it would go at least 6… we’ll never know.   What we do know now is that after the wrestling match with the first fish, Joe cranked the drag down on the reel…. no give….  what can you say.  He said nothing, just looked at his Pop-R when it floated up.

Here are some photos of some of the others…

A 14 incher


Another 14 or 15 incher


This one was wormy….


As the day went on, it was still cloudy, but there was a little more sun.   I upgraded from my H2O to a full sized spook….

3 pounds 2 oz

Just by luck, I got big bass for the day on the last fish.   I had been hearing about “big bass” all morning even though I had put 3 in the boat.

We caught most all the fish on Pop-Rs, H2O’s, or Spooks.  The Boss did catch one on a worm, maybe two.   We had several short fish that we threw back and we lost count of them early when the fish were really active.   The one on the spook came after 10 am.   I think the bigger profile lure conjured up this fish.

When we got back to ramp, there were 17 or 18 rigs in the parking lot…   the bass boats on the lake looked like those swarming jet skis.   We did not see a lot of ski or wake board boats which surprised us and we only saw two jet skis.  My guess is that the folks in the bass boats were catching fish just like we were because there was not a lot of boat ridding…  that means they had their lures in the water and were fishing….  or catching at the case may be.

We fished from 6 am until 11.  We brought home 4 nice keepers and threw back 3 or 4 smaller fish and Joe lost the big fish at the boat.   The weather was nice…  the fishing was good.. the company was great… not much better than spending the day on the lake with your family… especially when you are catching fish…..   My guess is that there were a lot of folks catching fish today.  We don’t normally go on a Saturday due to all the boat traffic… but it was sure worth while today.  It was 83° when we left the lake with a nice light breeze… very nice!