Well, it is the middle of the month…  the 16th actually.  The Boss and I are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary by going fishing.  Actually, that was one of the first things we did together…  bass fishing.   Her Dad was a commercial fisherman in Louisiana and boy could she paddle a boat.  I knew I had found my true love when we went “fishing” and she paddled my little 10 foot aluminum boat while I did my bass fishing…   Trolling motor, who needs a trolling motor?   That lasted for a trip or two then she wanted to try bass fishing.   I loaned her a Zebco 33 and a Rebel.   That was the end of the boat paddling…  Her first fish was a 5 3/4 pound bass from Black Bayou Lake…  a monster in those days.

Marys big bass

I think this was taken in the first month or two after we were married back in 1970.

We have put a lot of water under the boat since those days….   and for a number of years, she carried the crown of biggest bass caught… an 8 pounder from Whitney.   It took, me several years after that, but I finally came up with a 9 1/2 from Whitney.

Anyway…   We were on Whitney yesterday….

Here are the stats at our 1 p.m. launch time:

  • Air Temperature:   60°
  • Skies:  Mostly sunny with strange clouds
  • Wind:  SW at 5 mph
  • Water Temperature:  47°
  • Water Level:  522.36 or a little over 10 feet 7 1/2 inches low
  • Water Clarity:  Stained

It was a beautiful day on the lake.   Here are some photos of the clouds.

Strange clouds, but beautiful.  In fact, it was just a beautiful day.

We didn’t catch any fish…   We didn’t even get a bite or a tap-tap.   The Boss fished T-Rig and I fished C-Rig most of the day.  I did fish some crank bait… She had hers out on the deck, but never picked it up.  We watched and listened to the sonar all afternoon.  We did not see any signs of fish anywhere we fished.   We fished the Katy Bridge, Cedron Creek, and Bee Cove… all of our favorite main lake points, humps and ledges.  We gave it up after 3 hours.

The ramp at McCown Valley Park is still good to go.

We launched without any issue.  I just recommend that you stick to the middle lane.  The slab under the end of the boat dock is broken and drops off.

While I haven’t visited all the ramps, in fact none other than McCown, here is the list of the ramps and what I think their conditions might be:


  • McCown Valley Park
  • Lofer’s Bend East
  • Lofer’s Bend Day Use
  • Harbor Master Marina
  • Walling Bend Park on Rocky Creek
  • Steel Creek (Red Bluff)
  • Cedar Creek
  • Juniper Cove


  • White Bluff Marina
  • Whitney State Park
  • Lofer’s Bend West (Closed Nov. to March)
  • Walling Bend by Walling Bend Island
  • Lakeside Village Corps Ramp
  • Plowman Creek Park (Closed Nov. to March)
  • Cedron Creek Park (Closed Nov. to March)


  • Kimball Bend
  • Steele Creek, on Steel Creek
  • Uncle Gus’s Marina

The lake is just a little over 10 1/2 feet low.  When the lake gets to 13 feet low, the only ramps which will likely be functional are:

  • Juniper Cove Marina
  • Harbor Master Marina
  • Lofer’s Bend East
  • Walling Bend on Rocky Creek
  • Steele Creek Red Bluff Ramp

Those will be good down to about 16 feet low.   I have never seen the lake below 16 feet so I don’t know status after that….  but likely you will have to parachute your boat in.  Really we need to get some rain this coming  spring.  The storms from a hurricane are what we need to fill it back up.

And, just to finish things off…  here is The Boss with a song she wrote for our 45th wedding anniversary and sang Thursday night.

Have a good day and go to the lake… it is beautiful out side….. We should be on the lake again.