We haven’t been on Whitney in a week, Mach 17 anyway.  But, we got an email update from a friend and reader about his week last week on Whitney.  Here is David Stair’s report from Whitney.

My friend, Jim, was on spring break last week.  We fished Whitney – mainly in the afternoon.  Sunday, we boated over 30 fish, mostly sand bass.  Jims first catch of the year was a 5 lb. black that he put back in the lake.  We caught small stripers – 15 – 16 1/2 range.  The weather was nice, cool, cloudy and comfortable.  A great day on the lake!
Monday, we fished the afternoon till dark again.  It was sunny, light winds.  Caught mostly sand bass again.  I boated a black about 4 lbs. and let her go.  We caught small stripers in the 16 – 17 1/2 inch range.  Jim caught a carp that weighed about 15 lbs.  Had a great day, again!
Tuesday, we fished early morning – sun up till about 2:00.  Cloudy with some wind gusting at times, calm at others.  Many more sand bass.  A few blacks, a lot of stripers – same size as above. 
Wednesday, Jim went fishing with a couple of other guys.  I was too busy.  They caught around 60 small stripers – less than the 18 inch limit, but had a blast. 
Thursday – fished the afternoon with Jim and his son.  We loaded up on fish – mainly stripers, some sand bass, some blacks.  Jeff, Jim’s son, caught a big spotted bass – probably in the 4 lb. range.  They are going to try to have it officially weighed for a lake record. 
All week we fished basically the same area.  Most fish were caught on white crank baits and chrome rattle traps.  All week long the total fish were somewhere in the 150+ range.  All stripers had to be put back in the lake.  But, they kept a mess of sand bass.  It was probably the best week of fishing that I have ever had.
That’s a pretty good report..
We also noted the results from the Whitney Fire and Rescue Tournament last Weekend.  Here they are, reprinted from the Texas Fishing Forum:
Top 10
1. Cross/Fields 19.6 lbs Pay out $840
2. Morse/Eary 18.8 lbs w/ BB 6.8 Pay out $504 w/ BB Payout $350
3. Shore/McClendon 18.2 lbs Pay out $336
4. Radke/Radke 15.6 lbs.
5. Penney/Penney 14.2 lbs.
6. Lipscomb/Musso 13.4 lbs.
7. Skinner/Williams 13.2 lbs.
8. May/May 11.2 lbs
9. Frantz/Reed 10.8 lbs
10. Pratka/Copeland 10.8 lbs.
They have some great photos of the contestants over on TFF .   Here is a link to the thread on TFF:
If you are reading our posts, we have been on Aquilla and it has been red hot.
Its spring time in Texas…  fishing is great.  Get out there and get some of that great action on the lake.